UBoston Introduction

Better Job Better Life 更好工作,更好生活
& Care

UBoston Institute is a nonprofit educational organization that provides academic and career opportunities for international students and recent immigrants. For over 10 years, we have successfully helped students from different ages and backgrounds find the programs that could lead them to the paths that they defined for themselves. Located in Boston metropolitan area, UBoston is led by experienced professors, experts and graduates of Harvard, MIT and other top higher education institutes. “Fit, Support & Care” are the core values this group of leaders keeps in mind. UBoston not only seeks the program that fits the student best, but also provides endless support and family-like care for its students, especially the ones that at middle or high school age. Cooperated with 70 high schools and 17 universities, UBoston mainly focuses on the following programs.

  • 合作单位:各省市政府教育部,国内多家重点实验中学等

  • 合作单位:各省市政府,北大国际幼儿园等

  • 合作单位:哈佛大学,MIT,麻省大学等

  • 合作单位:如麻省药科、健康科学大学、BHCC等



Dream Big;Get Things Done;Know How to Have Fun